Product Development


We take utmost pride in our ability to develop high performance medical devices. The stringent global regulations require the very best manufacturing procedures as well as on going maintenance of an array of globally compliant certification.

All this as well as owning the credentials, design patents, clinical trials and IP ensure we can take a medical device to market with confidence.


We develop a vast array of health and fitness items year on year. We work closely with our team of specialists; Engineers, Clinicians and Experts to assist with the development and implementation of product ranges - including; cosmetics, lotions, vitamins and minerals, exercise equipment, mobility aids and health and wellbeing products.


New and innovative beauty and personal care items have been an area which Bioenergiser has excelled in over the years. New cosmetic processes have been developed in house to influence market trends from cosmetically compliant nail wrap systems to facial cleansing devices to new and unique ultrasonic hair removal systems.


Home convenience solutions also feature in our product portfolio. We continue to offer a range of kitchen appliances, cleaning solutions, pest repellers and problem solvers to compliment a very broad portfolio of products.